Access Workshop



Sensory Enhancement



Myths & Facts


#1. MYTH:  Only a small percent of  ‘gifted’ individuals can develop exceptional

innate perception skills.


FACT:  The human nervous system is extraordinarily sensitive and it constantly

detects much more information than a person is aware of.


The average practitioner has the innate potential to cultivate exceptional perception skills.

What holds most practitioners back is not knowing how to enhance their awareness of certain

 types of essential information that their nervous system has detected.




#2. MYTH: A person can gradually develop exceptional perception abilities by refining their awareness of conventional 5-sense perception skills over time.


FACT:  Exceptional perception abilities involve more than just conventional

5-sense styles of perception.


Exceptional innate perception skills require a person to refine their awareness of exteroceptive  forms of perception, e.g., the 5 senses, along with interoceptive forms of perception, e.g., central autonomic network / CAN feedback. These two types of perception often compete with each other.

In many cases, focusing on one will inhibit awareness of the other.




#3. MYTH: It takes a lot of time & effort to develop exceptional innate perception skills.


FACT:  This used to be true, but things have recently changed.


The hardest part of cultivating exceptional perception skills - for most people - is figuring out how to enhance their awareness of subtle CAN feedback responses. One reason for this difficulty is that science didn't have an adequate understanding of how the central autonomic network worked, until recently. Consequently, practitioners didn't have a road map for developing these skills and

it could take a long time to make progress.


Fortunately, current neuroscience has a much better understanding of how the CAN operates.

The Sensory Enhancement Training synthesizes this contemporary information into a simple, effective approach. Practitioners often learn how develop skills in a weekend workshop that

used to take years to acquire.



Helen Bergstrom, D.C.


Taking the Access Workshop was like coming home.

Somewhere in my being I knew that sometimes I just knew where to go and that to get results

didn't require a massive input. Rick put that into perspective and gave us the science behind it.

It is not a technique class. It is about using your technique with more certainty, confidence

and better results. Thank-you Dr. Wiegand.