the Access Workshop

Extended Perception Training

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 The Access Workshop provides a systematic approach for rapidly enhancing perception and assessment skills. The workshop evolved out of neuroscience research into subtle processes that extraordinarily perceptive practitioners innately rely on.

The Access Workshop is currently available for
 small private-group formats.


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Jeff Rockwell, D.C. -  Author, practitioner, former Professor of Philosophy and Clinical Sciences, Parker College of Chiropractic.


"As a chiropractic practitioner and educator for the past 25 years, I have taken many, many seminars and classes over the years. Of them all, Dr. Ric Wiegand's Access Workshop has proven to be the most helpful and empowering.  Access has given me, and others, the ability to rapidly assess patients, effortlessly helping to locate subluxations, as well as determine what technique or style of force application to use."

Omri Sitton, D.C.


There are certain times in life when you’re just at the right place at the right time and years later you learn to re-discover and appreciate the significance of the event (and synchronicity) that’s happened.


Way back, eleven years ago to be exact, in chiropractic school, I happened to “be in” on a conversation about students over at clinic claiming to be “seeing subluxations”.  At the time I thought that was absolutely ridiculous but was curious to find out a bit more about their experiences, and mostly where they learned such skills (and can they even be taught?).  It turned out that guys over at Parker College’s “On Purpose Club” invited two very unique chiropractors, way outside the chiro-culture box, to share some new advances in science, touch us up on philosophy and do demos and training as a part of the art piece.


 I was so impressed and curious with what these guys were sharing, that I decided to take their weekend training to “learn to develop my inner-sensing skills, as I’m adjusting/entraining, and to learn to connect deeper to my own inner-language of sensory perception”.  In a nutshell, this weekend training helped me create what I like to refer to as “my operating system”.   All the techniques and skills that I’ve been learning to develop since chiropractic college, beyond just chiropractic, have had much greater depth, specificity and have been easier and more pleasurable to learn because I have developed and nurtured an inner connection and know how to listen to my inner-senses. By the way, this is unique for each of us.


Anyhow, I’m not writing this to tell you that you should train yourself to see subluxations or to try and sell you something.  I simply wanted to pass along this "gem" - a workshop that is designed to enhance your sensory and perceptual skills to levels that could take you years to develop without training.  We all have those “magical days” in practice where every contact is right on.  Well, you can learn about what it is that YOU ARE BEING on those days and tap into that wisdom at will.


Just as we've been trained to "find the gateway" along the spine, every contact, whether on the physical or energetic plane, has a similar gateway and your certainty of its exact location as a practitioner can greatly enhance your entrainments.  By "certainty", I'm referring to a kinesthetic sense, not a mental one.  If I can help you to become a better practitioner by sharing something with you, just as those guys at clinic shared with me, I’ve achieved a great comfort and purpose in the process.